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The Unique alliance of the luxury, the beauty and the perfection

Established in France, the world leading country for cosmetics and well-being products, Corinne Costa Cosmétiques designs, formulates, manufactures and sells high tech cosmetics made from exclusive formulas.

We propose you a range of innovative products

Oxyn'line: A cell rejuvenation procedure using oxygen.

Away from marketing, beyond the brand and stripped of its packaging, the product demonstrates the effectiveness of its formula based on extensive beauty research.

 Corinne Costa Cosmétiques has developed an innovative cosmetic product that has been proven to be very effective and that offers unrivalled performance.  The range Oxyn'line is based on an economical and fair business, marketing and promotions model.

 In the cosmetics market, significant amounts of money are spent on advertisements and luxury marketing increases the price of the product.  Corinne Costa Cosmétiques spends its entire budget on research and more specifically on the intrinsic values of the product in order to provide an exceptional and affordable product that uses the latest innovations.

This business model ensures that the brand has a great value product: by increasing the number of active ingredients and by using advanced technologies.

Providing exceptional quality to all women 

 Consumers are therefore being offered the performance of a luxury product for a tenth of the price that the biggest luxury brands charge for the same type of product as well as being provided with enhanced performance.

A range recommended by Doctor Huth, plastic surgeon

Joëlle Huth was quickly won over by the product that she recommends and prescribes to her patients.  She thinks that this product is “truly amazing” due to its effectiveness, quality, high tolerance and innovation.

  “It’s a very interesting and innovative concept because it is based on real scientific thinking using active ingredients known for their anti-aging properties such as Hyaluronic acid or active oxygen that they have succeeded in stabilising in a cream" explains the professional.

 “It is really nice to apply due to its texture and the quality of hydration it provides.  It is of the same excellent standard of other creams in this range.  I particularly advise smokers to use it because their skin ages quicker due to nicotine and the lack of oxygen.

 “In any case, I recommend and prescribe this range to my patients everyday due to its quality and effectiveness.  The fragrance is also very nice: Corinne Costa's research department has thought of everything!"  




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