Forget what you have already tested….

Try…. Relax and let the magic do its work… 

And marvel at the excellence

of an active oxygen range

that is revolutionising the cosmetics…

Oxyn'line cosmetics

They products are top of the range beauty cosmetics and well being products for the face and body.
They are developed and manufactured by specialised French laboratories who meet the most demanding quality standards.

  The skin ageing process is inevitable as it is genetically programmed into each and every one of us.  This process speeds up as a result of the sun, cold, wind, dryness, pollution, hormonal changes, the menopause, tobacco and alcohol.  We are all confronted by it from the age of 25/30 years old

  Cell renewal takes more time, collagen production slows down, tissue relaxes and wrinkles appear.
Dehydration of the skin is also an important factor in the appearance of wrinkles.  Without hydration, the skin, like the skin of an apple, ages, fades, becomes rough and loses its radiance because the tissue below the dermis is no longer as flexible as it once was.

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